Gifts & Memorials

Make a "Gift of Love" to Our Lady of Mount Virgin Parish

Flowers for the Altar, The Bread and Wine used at Mass and the Candles used at the Altar and Tabernacle may be reserved in memory of a loved one or for a special intention.  Please see one of the parish secretaries for assistace.  Memorial Bricks are available in our Meditation Garden and Remembrance Walkway.  Please make arrangements to purchase Memorial Bricks at the parish office.       

Financial gifts and memorials

Gifts (of cash or stock) can be made directly to the Church in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a special event.  These can be designated "for general purposes"  or for special purposes, such as:

"Rebuild Our Church Fund" 

A financial gift can be given for a specific use such as the purchase of new vestments, altar linens, flowers or technology upgrades..

Prior to finalizing a memorial or gift, it is recommended that the individual or family contact the Parish Office
Unsolicited memorial donations often cannot be used by OLMV and are sent to the missions.

Other gifts and memorials

Sometimes family members or individuals wish to make a donation of a particular object as a memorial.  Examples might be a vestment, a chalice, gifts of furniture, statuary, etc.  It is suggested that prior to finalizing a gift or memorial that the family or individual contact the Parish Office to determine if the gift is suitable to the needs of the Parish.


Parishioners are invited to consider remembering Our Lady of Mount Virgin Parish in their will.  Cash or stocks and bonds as well as property can be left to the parish.  Please consult an estate planner or attorney who will assist you. 
Please feel free to contact the Parish Office for information about possible remembrances to the parish. 

Christmas and Year End Gifts to OLMV Parish

Christmas and Year End Giving is not only a Cathilic tradition, but Christmas marks the beginning of the Ultimate Gift --- God's gift of His only Son, Jesus Christ.  Two thousand years ago, according to tradition the three kings brought gifts to Jesus.  We now continue the practice of gift-giving, and are reminded to remember our parish at this time of year.  God has bestowed great gifts upon us during the year and during our lifetime.  At Christmas we are asked to remember that we are merely "stewards" of God's gifts to us, and we are invited to make a return to God for His many blessings --- especially the gift of our Catholic Faith!

If you haven't already done so, please place OLMV Parish on your annual gift list!  Your gift assists the parish in advancing our mission to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in our community.  A gift of cash is the most common method of remembering your parish.  Gifts of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds often have positive tax advantages.  Gifts of property or life insurance also can have tax advantages.

Please feel free to contact our Parish Office, to discuss a "special Christmas gift" to OLMV Parish.