Liturgical Ministries Committee

Rives Cassel, Music and Liturgy Director

The Liturgical Ministries Committee identifies parishioners who might be willing to serve our parish community as Ministers of Hospitality, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and Readers. The Liturgical Ministries Committee offers initial training and ongoing support to the different ministries through workshops and prayer experiences.

 Handbooks of Parish Guidelines for Liturgical Ministers were updated in summer of 2017. Meetings were held for all ministries to refresh the spirit of the liturgy as envisioned by Vatican II, to review current practices, and to present the revised directives. Ministers who completed the session received a special blessing and a certificate on a Sunday in October.

A 3 part training  program is given in the winter and summer for all parishioners interested in joining the liturgical ministries at OLMV. Please contact the office if you are interested any liturgical ministry of OLMV.