Barbara Lyons, Coordinator

At OLMV, we invite unbaptized adults (Catechumens) and those already baptized (Candidates) adults, who desire to complete their initiation, to prepare to fully participate in the life of the Church as active members and followers of Jesus.The RCIA process (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) calls adults to a conversion of mind and heart, by developing a relationship with Jesus and an understanding and appreciation of the Catholic Faith. Participating in the process of meeting regularly within a small faith community, and celebrating various rites with the whole parish help to mark the spiritual growth of the Candidates /Catechumens on their way to full membership in the Church and visibly express our community's concern for them. Non-baptized persons from other Christian communities and baptized Catholics who have not received Eucharist and Confirmation are all welcome to be a part of our RCIA process.

Our annual WELCOME NIGHT for RCIA Catechumens is usually in SEPTEMBER with follow-up meetings on Tuesday evenings throughout the year. Our Candidates' group meets on Monday evenings from JANUARY to Pentecost. Both groups meet at Petra House (next to the Church.) Godparents and sponsors are encouraged to accompany the Catechumens/Candidates to the meetings; Catholic spouses of the participants are also invited to attend. For further information, please contact the Parish Office at 732-356-2149.